Slaghek Export B.V.

Slaghek Export b.v. is a flower and plant exporter located at the Flora Holland Aalsmeer. We export to almost all of Europe. France, England, Turkey and Poland are our main sales countries. Reputable carriers are used for transport.

Are you interested, dont hesitate to contact us, we are always looking for new customers, maybe we can work together in the future. Just visist our "Contact page" for all the information you need.

Specialist in top quality potted plants

Slaghek Export b.v., located at Flora Holland Aalsmeer, is a plant exporter with 20 years of experience. Over the years we have grown into a mature company. In a time of mega mergers and large-scale operations, this medium-sized company occupies a very important position: the right price/quality ratio, customization, an unprecedentedly wide range and a personal approach predominate.

Directly from the grower

Slaghek Export b.v. has an professional team of employees who are always available for the customer. European thinking is no stranger to them. For example, the majority of houseplants and tree nursery products are purchased directly from the growers, but of course we also use the clock every day (online these days) at Flora Holland Aalsmeer and Flora Holland Naaldwijk. To then depart from Aalsmeer to a large number of European countries.

Fast service

Although France, England and Greece are our main sales countries, we work in almost all of Europe. Reputable carriers are used for transport. After all, Slaghek Export b.v. writes a correct and fast delivery as a normal course of business.


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